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Current Litters


All of our current Spring kittens are now reserved, but you can see their pictures below.  AND, we expect to see more new litters born during the summer and fall of 2024! There is also the possibility that we can offer you a kitten sooner if another customer postpones their reservation until later. Anyone with a 2024 reservation will be offered a kitten sooner if one becomes available.


All of the kittens pictured below have been either reserved or sold. 

We had a wonderful year in 2023, filled with cuddly kittens!  Enjoy some of their pictures below also.

We are very experienced breeders in good standing with The International Cat Association.  More than half of our kittens are sold to repeat buyers or to people who were referred to us from previous satisfied customers.  We think that fact speaks for itself! 


We provide all of the below PLUS the support of breeders who have been raising Siberians for 23 years.  We help you through the introductory phase and through any problems that develop along the way - throughout your cat's entire life.

We also provide:

  • Health guarantees, first vaccinations and de-worming, and a kitten welcome packet with toys, food samples, a brush, a collar, etc.  

  • We socialize our kittens thoroughly with adults, children, and dogs. They're family-friendly!

  • Discounts are offered for the purchase of more than one kitten ($100 off 2nd kitten).  

  • We transport kittens within the USA and sometimes into Canada.  

  • Kittens intended for breeding are sold very rarely and by private treaty only.

  • We provide allergy tests by mail upon request.  


Contact me  at

for more info, especially if you're interested in reserving a kitten for 2024. 

Zaria's babies at 4 weeks.jpg

We payments via SquareUp and will send you an invoice when a reservation is made.

Z's F Bluebell 4 weeks.jpg
Blue tabby 
Z's M Forsythe 4 weeks.jpg
Warm brown tabby
K's Lg M Snapdragon 4 wks.jpg
Dark Brown Tabby
K's F Hyacinth 4 weeks.jpg
Brown Tabby

Kittens Born April 2024 from Kieran+James  and Zandria+James

Z's M Dandelion 4 wks.jpg
Golden brown tabby
Z's M Clover 4 weeks.jpg
Blue tabby
K's F Lilac 4 weeks.jpg
Brown Tabby
K's M Quince 4 wks.jpg
Brown tabby
K's F maybe Daff 4 wks.jpg
Brown Tabby
Z's F Iris 4 weeks.jpg
Brown Tabby
K's F Tulip 4 weeks.jpg
Brown Tabby
James was a VERY busy boy!  We bred both girls to him because neither is related to James, and we are very careful about that)
Brown tabby

Fall Litters from Rosemary+James and Raiya+Izak

Her Majesty Geraldine.jpg
Rosemary's Peaches.jpg

Silver/Cream Torbie

Rosemary's Marmalade.png

Brown Tabby

Silver Cream Tabby

Blue Tabby

Rosemary's Precious Smokey.jpg

Black Smoke

Blue Solid
Oliver at 8.5 wks.JPG

Brown tabby

Tara+Izak brought us these sweethearts in July 2023

Isla 8 weeks_edited.jpg
Aurelia 8 weeks.jpg

Blue tabby

Blue tabby
Caspian 8 weeks old (1).jpg

Brown tabby

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