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Our Active Breeding Queens

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7 Cedars Izabella - a sweet young lady. She's a blue tabby of quiet elegance, although she can become quite verbal with her cute little chirp when the right occasion arrives. She likes to sleep with our youngest daughter, who adores her. Izabella is the daughter of 2 of our cattery foundation cats, Kyzha and Gerod. 

7 Cedars Zaria is the daughter of Zhenya and Maksim.  She is one of favorite Siberians, loyal and very intelligent.  She produces kittens in a wide variety of colors ranging from silver to brown to orange tabbies.

7 Cedas Zaria is the daghte of Maksim and our retired female, Zhenya.

7 Cedars Zaria is the daughter of our Maksim and our retired female, Zhenya (below).  She's one of our favorite Siberians - loyal, affectionate, and very intelligent.  She produces kittens in a wide range of colors from orange to silver to brown tabbiees.



7 Cedars Raiya is a classic black silver girl with an AWESOME temperament!  She's the daughter of our retired Cleo and 7 Cedars Maksim. A striking and clear silver coat is only the beginning with this awesome girl.  Her face has a very endearing expression, her eyes are green, and she inherited her mother's seriously sweet temperament.  Raiya is a devoted member of our household, and any litter she produces is always greeted with great anticipation!



7 Cedars Esperanza - a fun, very playful young lady. She's the daughter of our Zhenya and Maksim. Esperanza is simply exquisite and has very clean, clear silver markings. She has delivered some of our most beautiful kittens.



7 Cedars Tzarina (Tara) is a very warm, even golden brown tabby.  She's the daughter of Zaria and Icelandic Fire.  She's a beauty and very playful. Tara is a cat who shows no fear and is willing to be friends with anyone unless they prove her otherwise. Luckily, few do!  Tara is a pleasure to hold, and her purr is LOUD!


7 Cedars Larissa is the daughter of Artistry Larice and Mystic Melody Izak Petr. Larissa is a blue torbie with white markings.  Her temperament is outstanding:  playful yet gentle, affectionate but not clingy, as loving as a dog (but perhaps not quite as obedient!). Larissa is one of our very best mothers.

Our Retired Queens



KYZHA is a lovely silver tabby with excellent type.  She has a precious face and an exceptionally sweet temperament.  Kyzha is eager to be friends with everyone, but she's especially devoted to our daughter.  She is one of the foundation females of our cattery.



7 CEDARS YELENA is Kyzha's daughter, and it shows!  She inherited Kyzha's clear silver coat and fine features.  Her father added a fullness of face and roundness of body, resulting in a lovely lady.  



GEMMA Timange Fialka is a full sister to our stud, Gerod.  A feminine version of her brother, she's brought the same great coat, lovely eyes, and hefty size into our breeding program.  She has a gentle, people-friendly personality.  Gemma is one of the foundations of our cattery.



7 Cedars Cleo is a brown mackerel tabby.  She's the daughter of Zhenya and Lynx.  Cleo is a large, extraordinary young lady with good size, type, warm coloring, and an awesome temperament that soaks up cuddles.  She is now a beloved pet, but her bloodlines carry on through her daughter, Rachel, who will breed in 2021.


7 Cedars Zhenya is the beautiful brown torbie daughter of our out-of-Siberia stud, Zheny. Zhenya embodies her father's forest cat type and intelligence.  She's a very loyal girl who likes to give and receive lots of affection!  Her daughters, Zaria and Esperanza, carry her wonderful traits forward into our future.

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