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“Working with you to make our kittens part of our family has been a wonderful experience. Your kind and professional guidance throughout the process exceeded every expectation. Our two kitties, Max and Mia, have brought more joy, laughter, and love to our family than we could ever have imagined. They're loving and interactive, and cuter than anything! My husband, who has never liked cats, is over the moon for these two. He plays with them for hours! And we've started napping again with them on our chests. Even our teenagers are calmed and quieted by their incredibly affectionate natures.  

We are laughing and loving more as a family. I actually believe that you are changing the world for the better by changing people's lives through your wonderful kittens.

Thank you so much!”

RW, Erie, CO






7 Cedars Ranch includes a family of 6 humans.  Rich and Jeanne are the very blessed parents of 4 children - Richie, Sarah, Reese, and Shania.  Plus our beloved cats and dogs.

All of us are involved in raising, training, and loving our animal friends.  We take the jobs very seriously, because these are indeed our pets and friends.  The Siberian kittens of 7 Cedars are lovingly socialized with adults, children, and the other household cats and dogs.  All of our cats are raised as household pets.  They do not live in cages.  We maintain very personal relationships with each animal in our care.


If we can't give an animal a good quality of life, we don't believe we have any business raising it.  Our business is indeed a labor of love.  We provide our animals with kindness, cleanliness, good nutrition, and the type of upbringing that will help them to fit into your family, because they fit into ours.

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