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These rare cats from Russia adore people, and are very beautiful. The Siberian has a medium long coat that is resistant to matting and is luxuriously soft. They are naturally healthy and easy to keep. Perhaps best of all, they are HYPOALLERGENIC for many people with allergies (myself included!). We breed a range of desirable colors, including brown  and blue tabby, solid blue, white, and black, as well as torbie, silver, and black smoke. All of our breeding cats are registered with The International Cat Association (TICA), and we are members in good standing. 

Kitten Gallery

Some of Our Marvelous Kittens

jeanne beebe - 2020-06-16 21-47-20 - iza
jeanne beebe - petunia and puff (1).jpg
jeanne beebe - img_4150 1.jpg
jeanne beebe - black smoke.jpg
Sweet Scott.jpg
jeanne beebe - cleos sterling.jpg
jeanne beebe - polar bear and
Blue boy 1.jpg
es brn tab m1.jpg
Solid Black.JPG
jeanne beebe - puff paul.jpg
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