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General Information About Siberians

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Siberian cats were first introduced to the USA in1990. This ancient breed once roamed the forests of Eastern Russia under harsh conditions, and it is thought that they were then domesticated by the people of Siberia. Their friendly disposition, intelligence, beauty, incredible hardiness, and tendency to keep their owners' properties free of pests made them prized pets. The breed was later brought into the cities of St. Petersburg and Moscow, where it was "discovered."


Today's Siberian cat is still very intelligent, hardy, and beautiful. The lush, semi-longhaired coat resists matting. Shedding usually occurs heavily only once a year in the spring, with a small shedding also in the fall. Once the winter coat is brushed out, most Siberians shed little, which is a huge advantage to those of us who prefer not to wear the same fur as our pets! 


In terms of temperament, most Siberians like nothing more than cuddling in your lap.  These cats are NOT aloof.  Neither are they unusually demanding.  They have an amazing ability to adapt to their owners' needs. They are also playful and tend to maintain this disposition, to a lesser extent, in adult life. Siberian cats really like human interaction and seek it out. Our cats come when they are called, and not just at mealtimes. They simply want to interact. Not an overly vocal cat, as a rule, the Siberian will nonetheless carry on a conversation with you when prompted, appearing to truly want to communicate.


Through our Siberian breeding program, we work to preserve, as much as possible, the best traits of these special cats: awesome temperaments, good health with a low risk of genetic diseases, and the beautiful type of the traditional Siberian. By "traditional" we mean that we try to preserve the original and authentic Siberian cat. Our philosophy causes us to search for the best and most diverse lines, going back to Siberia itself, before any cross-breeding may have occurred. We avoid inbreeding and analyze our pedigrees for possible genetic problems. To prove our sincerity, we offer a 2-year health guarantee on all of our kittens.


Contact us and discover the authentic Siberian cat!

Are They Hypoallergenic?


Siberian cats produce less of what is known as the "cat allergen" -- scientifically called FEL D1.


FEL D1 is secreted from glands in a cat's skin. It is also contained in the cat's saliva, and deposited onto the cat's coat when he grooms himself.  The FEL D1 dries and flakes off of the cat's coat, finding its way into the air. The air-born allergen can cause the allergic reactions that many people experience when they are around cats.


Siberian cats have a protein sequence in their DNA that is different from other cats.  They typically produce less of the FEL D1 allergen. Siberians are therefore hypoallergenic for many allergy sufferers.  Hypoallergenic does not mean
non-allergenic, however, as Siberians usually produce a lower level of FEL D1.


People with severe allergies should do an allergy test on a Siberian before purchasing one.

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